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A Clown in Babylon (Four-Star Classic Cult Film)

A Clown in Babylon follows the path of a hardened clown-cum-private eye named Frank, who is haunted by the murder of his father, Jingles, and obsessed with seeking revenge on the perpetrators. Jingles was murdered in front of a young Frank after he had an affair with a sexy midget tight-rope walker who belonged to a pair of evil clowns. Now, along with his one-armed, alcoholic juggler compatriot, Bob, Frank infiltrates the clown underworld, where he finds secret societies, strung-out entertainers, and broken lives. He comes to realize how distorted justice can become in a world wrought with decay and unhappiness. In the end, Frank must accept the truth about his father’s murder, no matter how horrifying it may be. Click here for more information.

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